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About NTRL

The National Team Roping League is an association that started in 2004, targeting all team ropers east of the Mississippi.  The NTRL uses the handicapping system created by the United States Team Roping Championships (USTRC).  The system equals out the playing field and allows people from all walks of life to compete.  This system has turned team roping into a family sport.

The NTRL is the largest USTRC affiliate program in the nation.  With over 2500 members in 2014, the NTRL boasts over 60 team roping events a year with 20 different producers in 16 states.  In 2014, the NTRL  embarked on new territory with the inclusion of   Louisiana and Mississippi.

 Ropers will have an opportunity to compete in 47 grassroots ropings, 8 qualifiers, 6 regionals, 4 truck ropings and the NTRL Finals. The NTRL Finals is the largest team roping event in regards to  number of teams and cash and prize payout east of the Mississippi. The NTRL Finals are held in Jacksonville, Florida each year at the end of January.  Over $500,000 in cash and prizes are paid out each year at The Finals!
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